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Originally Posted by Tsuyoi View Post
It's never too late to OptiCoat, provided the shop PREPS your car properly beforehand. OptiCoat is essentially a permanent clear coat, so it'll "seal" your paint in whatever condition it's currently in, and preserve it for the next 2-3 years with proper care.

If your car's 2 months old, and you haven't used any other protective film/coatings, chances are there's some scratches/swirls/chips in your paint job now. Make sure to have the shop buff/patch/clear all of this up, then apply the OptiCoat.

OptiCoat has several advantages:

a) Makes car easier to clean. Water beads right off, and typically a quick rinse will get rid of any dirt/muck on the car

b) Prevents further damage to your car. When Cured, OptiCoat has a Mohr hardness of 9 (most metals are hardness 6, cubic zirconia is 7, diamond is 10). You'll be covered from road debris, dirt scratches, etc.

c) Keeps your paint pristine for as long as the coat is on. Just re-apply every 2-3 years and by the time you want to sell your car, the paint'll look factory new still.

d) Makes your car look AMAZING. I just had mine done yesterday, and it's never looked better. I love that shine/sheen OptiCoat gives the car.

Price-wise, again, it depends on how much work the shop puts into prepairing the car and fixing any paint blemishes. Remember, any chips, swirls, or imperfections will be locked UNDER the coat and will be there permanently! I'm sure you can find some place that'll offer to do it for under 200 or 300, but how much would you trust those places to put on a permanent coating?

In your area, for a 2 month old car, I'd say be ready for something approaching or slightly over 4 figures.