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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
I would be interested in seeing some scientific data to backup these claims. First thing I'm thinking of is if you attached something with a MOHR value of 9 to something of a lower MOHR value (metal/paint), can it really provide a benefit against road debris? Things are only as good as their foundation...
Well think of it this way, if you throw a rock at someone's face, vs if you throw a rock at someone that had a metal plate glued to their face, which one will hurt that guy more?

Since the Opticoat covers the entire car and bonds to itself, it'll create essentially a shell around the paint. It's not gonna do any good if someone hits you with their car or w/e, but it'll help vs road debris and scratches from sand/dirt/crappy car washes.

Plus, if the opticoat layer is scratched up, it's $60 to get a tube and just fill in any scratches, vs the insane prices to get your car's paint done again.

And LOL no I'm not a salesman for OptiCoat, but I've done a few weeks of research and such on diff coats/ways to protect my car, and chose OptiCoat, and so far LOVE it.