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Originally Posted by 1.fresh.f30.335 View Post
I just took my car out of storage tonight for the first time since thanksgiving and I go to take off the cover to find that either my dad or grandmother hit a piece of workout equipment into the side of my car and left a 8 inch crease in my fender and door worst part is its family so I can't call anyone out or get mad (my grandmother is a sweet little old lady that bakes me cookies, I can't yell at her or ask demand she pay)... So now I'm out at least 500 on insurance, all because I stored my car :

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I know how you feel because my car just got three dents on the driver's door. The good news is that I went to a local paintless dent repair shop (which is what they only) do and for $150, and in less than 1 hour, all three dents disappeared and the car looks as of they never happened. If it's not too late for you (don't know if you filed for insurance yet) but you should definitely check out anyone locally who does these repairs because you'll save a lot $$ and get to keep the original manufacturer's paint. Good luck to you!