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Originally Posted by ZaheerUK View Post
Just really interested in what mode people are driving in. I have a 320D Efficient Dynamics for about 3 weeks and have been using Eco Pro religiously. Can't say I am getting anywhere near quoted 52mpg for urban driving but more like 30 mpg on short 4 mile trips. Your response is much appreciated.
Several factors, which are likely influencing your mpg.

New engine, still tight. The short trips are not even getting the engine warm. Been colder recently so that will make it even worse. Official tests don't allow for the above, so meaningless to look to official figures anyway, for 4-mile cold start trips.

Also, is it OBC readings? May be inaccurate, making it appear even worse than it is. I'd suggest you need more mileage and 'brim to brim' mpg checks, to see where you really are for mpg.