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Originally Posted by David328M-Sport
Originally Posted by JOHN328 View Post
I've got the standard sound system on my f30, I know it's mostly personal liking, but what EQ setting do u guys use with the base system?
Hey John,
With today's digital music recordings, the quality of the music can vary greatly. What sounds good with one recording, can sound very poor on another.

The different bit rates used in creating say MP3 files can vary greatly, resulting in mixed quality from song to song. Also, different genres of music can be recorded differently, resulting in the need to adjust the bass/treble settings.

So, how do you set up the base system? To whatever sounds good to you overall or for that particular set of songs. Even with the hk system, different recordings can sound fantastic, while others at the same setting, sound awful.

First try to obtain the best possible quality & clarity of music to listen to.
There isn't a one setting to fit all formula.
Hi david,
Geez, is there anything u don't know. Lol
I mostly listens to pop musics.
R u on hk? I regret on not getting hk... My bad...
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