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So I answered my own question....thanks. To remove the low beam bulb, halogen, I was able to do it without lifting the car and without removing the wheels/tires. I turned the wheel out on the side where working. The key is those 3 flanges holding the bulbs in. You have to squeeze your hand in, squeeze is an understatement. As said above, force your hand in and lose skin...looks like I was in a bar fight...then push the outer edge of each flange and it they will bend slightly. Then as it says in the manual, push up and down on the bulb housing and eventually it will come lose. I had to do it several times and then eventually it pulled out. replace bulb and then before re-installing, you have to get your finger under the outside edge of each flange again and pull them back up to reverse when you push down on them. Dont do it too much, just about the same amount you did to remove the bulb. Once you have done that, insert the top first and then it should snap into place on the bottom. Its not a click or specific noise that sounds like its done. Its much softer. You'll know because if it works, will be harder to remove, if you try it over and over and its still too easy to pull it out, you likely need to pull those flanges up a little more so they are tighter at holding the bulb. Good luck, right hand hurts from skin being peeled off from the sharp edges. But my new Silvania Ultra bulbs are in and are bright white.