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BMW "buying" my car back . . . EBII w/ Black or AW w/ Coral Red?

So BMW is buying back my 2013 F30 335i M-Sport. My electric cooling fan has failed twice. My brakes are squealing worse than ever (after already having been replaced twice). I can't sync my iPhone contacts list. My comfort access is faulty (can't unlock or lock car with the driver's side door handle). One of my tail lights was replaced early on because the housing was defective (the tail light was literally hanging off the truck lid). I have rust on my seat frames. The list goes on.

Both my dealer and BMW have handled the situation brilliantly. I'm very, very satisfied with the service I've received. Both my local dealer and BMW, unbeknownst to me, worked together to order me a brand new car (optioned identically) within a week of my asking them to explore the buyback option. It will be delivered in March.

As much as I enjoyed my EBII w/ Black leather interior combination, I'm thinking of changing it up. I know that I am the one that has to make the ultimate determination regarding the exterior/interior color scheme, but I wanted to post a poll in order to get some feedback that will aid me in my decision regarding what I want the replacement to look like.

I'm obviously very familiar with what the EBII w/ Black leather interior combination looks like. However, I'm interested in hearing the thoughts of those who have an AW M-Sport with Coral Red interior. Pictures would be great as well.

In sum, should I get another EBII w/ Black leather interior or change it up and opt for an AW w/ Coral Red interior?

Thanks in advance.
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