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Go for the red. It's striking and uncommon. Plus, what car doesn't look sporty when it has red seats?

The black is nice, no doubt there. But you and mostly everyone else who buys the car will have black seats. If you get a red interior, you are telling everyone you do things your way and that you don't care what other folks have to say about it. (Folks with black seats may be of the same frame of mind, but one wouldn't be able to presume that be so based on the color of their car's seats.)

Besides, it's hardly going to be your last car. (At least we hope it won't.) Go for it and get the red seats.

I have coral red on my car now and I can tell you for a fact people are constantly, even now, to say nothing of when I first got it, saying how much they really like the red. They just love the contrast and with the aluminum trim it's super sporty.

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