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Go to Amsterdam. You don't want to mess with driving through Austrian mountain passes right now, plus Italy's more fun when it's warm. I went skiing in Austria mid January and got lucky that the roads were clear, but you run the chance of hitting a freak storm.

German law puts you at fault in any accident if you don't have at a MINIMUM M&S rated all seasons. Those equipped on your car should suffice. Just take it easy, chances are the roads will be fine, or will be fine shortly after a snow. Buy about 6 bottles of wiper fluid as cheap as you can find. They salt the SHIT out of the roads. German prices are ridiculous (euro 15 for a large bottle) because it contains glycerin. That being said, run the system empty before putting US fluid in. I've heard they don't react well in the lines together.

Anyway, a drive up northwest to Amsterdam also gives you extended opportunity on the autobahn. You'll be able to hover at around 100mph at about 3000 rpm (the maximum my dealer recommended during break in). In other countries, the top speed limit is more like 80mph

Have fun! If the weather breaks, you'll have plenty of beautiful driving. Stop at some castles on the way, whichever way you go. Neuscwanstein and Hohenscwangau (spelling) are close to Munich, but in the mountains. There's tons of others in the country. Look up the Romantic Road and the Castle Road for possible parts of your route.

One other note, it's been warm ish the last week and most snow is gone in upper Bavaria. It's usually more snowy here than to the west and north. You never know what'll happen in another few days though...

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