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On Liberty Ace (but going to US West Coast)

Quick background for everyone ...

- My 2013 BMW 335i xDrive, built in SA, was originally on Serenity Ace
- Serenity Ace stopped in Bremerhaven where my vehicle has been offloaded (learned about it later)
- The dealer system still shows the vehicle on-board Serenity Ace, but Serenity Ace sailed to Tema, Ghana and it's impossible for my vehicle to physically be on Serenity Ace

The dealer system indicated 2/15 arrival in Port Hueneme and a few days ago changed to 2/22.

The question: on what vessel is my vehicle? What triggered the date change?

The only US-West Coast vessel right now is Dionysos Leader, scheduled to arrive in Port Hueneme on 2/15. But the arrival date, according to the dealer, is 2/22. Dionysos Leader is not the vessel, then.

I decided to contact MOL (Mitsui O.S.K. Lines) and provided bill of lading number.

My vehicle is on Liberty Ace going first to US-East Coast first and then to US-West Coast. Schedule:

- Bremerhaven: left on 1/22
- Brunswick: due to arrive on 2/5
- Panama Canal: transiting on 2/13
- Long Beach: due to arrive 2/21
- Port Hueneme: due to arrive 2/22

Now the arrival date provided by the dealer - 2/22 - matches the Liberty Ace arrival date provided by MOL.

I hope this helps everyone.

For some reason, the dealer systems do not update the vessel name if the vehicle has been offloaded and placed on another vessel during the transit.