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Originally Posted by 335BBS View Post
Its just my opinion that is apparently shared by lots of people as BMW clearly doesnt sell many. How much more room is there? Do you pack it to the ceiling?
My daughter has a 3er wagon (E9x version) and she's a college student and she and her friends pack that thing to gills when they go on their little trips. Even so, if they had the added room of and an X3, they'd just pack more stuff in it. That said, outside of those trips, there's nothing in it, but it drives far better -- at all times -- than an X3.

I got her the wagon for several reasons:
  • I don't believe in using a truck as the primary "car." I also have an SUV, but I drive it only when there's a specific need. It's not my everyday vehicle. I feel this way because I hate how SUVs block the view of drivers behind them on the highway and next to them (or, God forbid, between two of them) in parking lots. And there're too damn many of them on the road because folks buy them as daily drivers and then drive around all by themselves.
  • Wagons have more than enough space for all but the most rarefied and specific of circumstances.
  • Wagons handle better than SUVs
  • Wagons use less fuel (not a lot, but for a college kid, every penny helps as they generally seem never to have enough money and, for my kids at least, their only source of income is mine).

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