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Originally Posted by Itgb View Post
And wagons also have shorter braking distances than SUVs.

I understand the difficulty in bringing manual transmissions in a niche vehicle like a wagon, but at least bring RWD.
This is my primary reasoning - not just braking but handling in general. This whole SUV (technically SAV in BMW world) is really nothing more than tall station wagons. Anything short of an actual truck-based SUV is just a car. They're heavy. They don't handle particularly well. They offer a high vantage point for the driver and passengers, but that's about it. I have a real SUV that I use for hauling lots of people, lots of stuff and for towing. But the other 98% of the time I don't need that much room or muscle.

We had an X3 and I hated the damn thing. It was very cramped with very little cargo capacity. You can try to compare volumetric space between the models, but the real world differences are slight. An F31 is very close to the cargo capacity of an E39 touring which is very useful. That very fact is actually what got me thinking about a new 3er to begin with. I've always had 5ers as the 3s were too small for my liking.

Now if they brought the F11 over to the US, I'd be at my dealer placing my order this very minute. M550d anyone?