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Originally Posted by Propagator View Post
We should sticky this thread since this will be the ultimate collection of famous last words.

I lived in PA for 11 years, and I had a Subaru the whole time. I started running two sets of tires, summer + winter after I spun out on NJ turnpike on my ALL SEASONS as I was coming home from Long Island. My all seasons worked just fine on that road for the first hour, that is until the moment I ended up in the ditch. Luckily I was going slow, no other car was around me, and the ditch was a pile of soft snow, so no damage was done, but it was still scary as hell.

The fact is that AWD does jack shit in making you stop. When your tires lose grip, how many wheels the power is sent to means absolutely nothing. Go to a Subaru forum, where people really know what they are talking about regarding AWD, and post your story about running summers in NJ winter. You will be laughed off.

And as for BMW knowing what they are doing, I suggest you send an email to BMW USA and ask for their opinion on whether you are operating your vehicle as the engineers intended. I think I know the answer.
LOL, totally agree!

You really have to have a bad experience to make you do the summer/winter tire thing when living in the Northern portions of the states (might be a different story in 20 years with global warming, but for now this applies).

It was 1997, I had just got a 1998 Ford Contour SVT and took it back with me to college in Ann Arbor (U of M). It was a typical Michigan lake effect snow storm, I had the stock all-seasons on, and was driving perfectly fine on Washtenaw Ave/Road (forgot the main conduit name). I was lightly braking and spun out, 2 full 360's, into oncoming traffic. This is Michigan, so driver's are smart, and I didn't get hit. But I went that afternoon to Sears, bought some snow tires for $400 (lol back in the day, 16 snow tires were so cheap), and never looked back.

I've driven through Michigan/CT/NJ/NY/MD snow storms and blizzards for now 18 years, and ALWAYS have snow tires regardless of the powertrain.

My most stable snow car/suv: ML55 AMG with snow tires.
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Moderate: this car with snow tires, my wife's RDX with snow tires.
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