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Originally Posted by Tsuyoi View Post
I think there's some miscommunication here.

WINTER TIRES are only used by a very small percent of the population (in 2008 that number was 3% of cars in America and about 34% in Canada according to Edmunds).

But in your original post John you stated that half of the people drive in the winter using SUMMER tires, and that's probably not true (i doubt half of the people driving cars in US/Canada even have summer tires at all).

Conclusion: Pretty much all of the US and most of Canada's rolling around on all seasons.
I admit to not being an expert in tire classification. So all this angst was aimed at people, such as the cited soccer moms with SUVs, who buy summer tires for their high performance, and neglect to switch tires twice a year? Not at people who use regular tires, and neglect to switch to winter tires? If so, mea culpa, but then it seems like a rare problem, and not one anyone could spot on a moving car, and still not all that fatal.

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