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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
Well, it gets the same exact fuel economy as the 328i and the price comes to about $1500 less than a similarly spec'd (the gizmos, not necessarily the packages) base 328i.

And your savings gets you what? A slower car, smaller engine and no improvement in fuel economy, heated steering wheel, heated rear seats, a ski bag and comfort access.
I'm pretty sure people were saying it had less or something, but its a detuned version of the 328 engine and it has to power a car the same weight, so obviously fuel economy is going to take a little bit of a hit.

Now do i support this car, no.
Will it sell well in the U.S. absolutely.

Every 328 you see now would be replaced by this, enthusiasts are super rare, and most people could care less about the engine and just want an entry luxury car. Some want the BMW badge. All in all, it will sell.
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