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Originally Posted by tdizzle View Post
I think he meant between the same series. Some people will buy the cheapest version of something because it has the name. Hence the bare bones 320 making sense for someone who wants a BMW but can't afford all the bells and whistles. Does that make them a 'badge whore', who knows, it could be 1) they want a 3 series BMW and can't afford model with the bigger engine or the bells and whistles or 2) they dont care about them and just want a stripper BMW. I'd venture to say more fall in the number 1 category but who knows, it's their money to do what they want.

Comparing someone who wanted a 3 series and purchased a 335 to someone who wanted and couldn't afford a 5 series is really apples to oranges. (For instance, I could've purchased a 528 with the tech and premium packages for cheaper than my 335 cost, but I didn't want a 5 series - unless it was a M5 which wasn't in my budget)

I don't think most people would look at the 320, then look at the 328, and say "hmmm well I can afford the 328, but I think I want a slower car even though I'm buying a premium sports car."

In other words, not many will consciously choose the 320 over the 328 for any other reason than pricing.

As much as you may hate to admit it, a lot of people who'll end up buying the 320 are those who really really want a BMW, but can't afford a 328i. However, I don't think these people should be labeled as "badge whores". I'd rather applaud them for appreciating the BMW brand, and wanting to get into BMWs even if they can't afford the one they really want.

Hell, I wanted a 335xi with all the bells and whistles, but my current finances don't allow for it, so I went with a 328i with the stuff that I really want (tech package, lights, leather seats, drivers assist pack). In another 6-10 years once I'm more financially established, I'll go the full distance and get a fully loaded 335 or maybe even an M3, along with ED, but right now that's not feasible.

Does this make me a "badge whore"?