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If ever there were a badge whore for BMWs, it'd have to be me. On any given day, you are liable to find up to five late model (2007 to 2012) BMWs in my driveway/garage. Some are loaded with options and others are modestly equipped, but they all carry the same badge.

The cars in question are:
My '07 coupe
My '11 F10
My daughters' '10 3er wagon
My son's '12 F30
My cousin's '10 328i

So now that I have a harem of cars I've bought, maybe that makes me the badge pimp and not the badge whore? I don't know....

In all seriousness though, I want what I want, and I don't want to pay more than I have to for it. But at the same time, I'm pretty practical, as practical as one who pretty nearly will buy only BMWs, so I was toying with the thought of getting the 320i for myself, thinking it'd be 3 to 5 grand less than a similarly equipped 328.

I'm over 50, so yes, I find the performance addictive and fun, and I have my moments hauling ass down open roads, but I know too I really have no need for a car that's fast, or at least faster than the 320i. I may blow by you because I'm driving 80-85 mph on a clear interstate highway, but I really don't care who's first pulling away from the stop light.

So somebody mentioned the motor of the 320i is based on the 328i's motor. What did they do that it puts out less power, but uses the same amount of gas?

(BTW, I'm basing my fuel economy statements on what I see on BMW's website under features and specs for the the 320i.)

I'm almost certain that the 320i would appeal, initially at least, to a lot of folks like me. Middle aged, just want a nice low key car to do the day to day grind in. Comfortable, well built and well designed, etc, but something that one could just write a check for it or finance it for no more than a year. I could see the 320 as a great car to get for one's kids as well. Indeed, that it's not super fast is a plus in my mind when buying for a teenager.

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