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Originally Posted by bmwforme View Post
I'm pretty sure people were saying it had less or something, but its a detuned version of the 328 engine and it has to power a car the same weight, so obviously fuel economy is going to take a little bit of a hit.
Wait, less powerful engine taking a 'hit' in fuel economy? That's not really how it works.

Every 328 you see now would be replaced by this, enthusiasts are super rare, and most people could care less about the engine and just want an entry luxury car. Some want the BMW badge. All in all, it will sell.
You seem to equate "enthusiasts" with "want as much power as possible". Sure, there's a lot of crossover, but just look at AMG sales -- a lot of them are simply people who have to have the most high-end of some model car, they don't know a damn thing about cars.

Tsuyoi bought a 328 instead of the 335 because it was the wiser financial choice for him. Does that make him not an enthusiast?
tony20009 seems very interested in the 320 as well. Does that make him not an enthusiasts?

I see quite a few BMW enthusiasts clamoring for a de-contented car at a lower pricepoint. If anything, this indicates enthusiasm to me more than the attitude I see on this forum a lot, which is if you didn't buy a 335, you're not a car person.. which is not only wrong, sometimes it's completely backwards.