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Originally Posted by alex2364 View Post
The only people worried about being a poser driving M Sport packages are ones that aren't comfortable in their own skin. Now, if you stick a ///M badge on your M Sport, like this guy, then yeah, you're being a poser.
I tell ya. I am sometimes influenced by what the Bimmer folks have to say about the options and styles. Not to say I am EASILY influenced, but this conversation about cars on this website is top notch. Enthusiasts come here to talk cars.

So people know a thing or two about BMWs. I will be the first to admit, if this site did not exisit. I may have a BMW and not know what is going on in the grand scheme of things.

But i'd probably still have a BMW ordered by now Its good to be in the know. But its always good to live your life. ENjoying now instead of waiting for then.