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Originally Posted by Dgrohl View Post
Hi everyone...

I'm in Toronto and privately selling a car (not my F30!). Put an ad up on auto trader and got a call from a dealer saying he's willing to purchase.

He's made me an ok offer and is willing to do the deal asap. What I'm wondering about is the paper work. He says he'll take care of everything - in essence, he hands me over a cheque for the full amount, I take the plates and copies of the paper work and I'm done. He handles everything else.

I dunno..this just doesn't sound right does it? If I hand over the keys and the car, and the cheque and paperwork don't work out then I'm screwed aren't I?

Anyone ever done this before?
Or you could ask for cash.

I remember selling my last car online (AutoTrader and Kijiji) and getting several emails from dealers, but they were mostly interested in selling for the (lower) wholesale price. They do have to re-sell it after all. Selling to another (non-dealer) person could net you a higher resale, as it did for me.

Anyway, without exception everyone who emailed me wanted to buy with cash.