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Originally Posted by deznium View Post
Thanks for the advice guys.. My 2009 E90 has 70K miles and I am thinking to lease the F30 for 3 years or so and then buy the LCI F30 model when its out.. do you think that's a good idea or should I stick to my E90 till the LCI comes out? I'm unable to decide and need some feedback/help. I was thinking that if I keep my E90 for another 3 years I'm anyways going to loose about $4-5K. The dealer in San Diego appraised my car for trade-in at around $15K as well.
Has your E90 run into any major type of problems or repairs? If it is still running fine, I'd keep the E90 until the F30 LCI comes out. Also, it sounds like you drive a lot since you already have 70K miles on your 2009 E90, so it might be hard for you to stay within the mileage restrictions of the lease.

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