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Front bumper Clunk Noise

Hello guys,

I just noticed a weird noise coming from inside the bumper when I thump it with my hand from underneath the lower lips. It sound like somthing is loose inside. sounds like the chrome accents shaking or sounds like metal rattling like a licence plate, but i took off the plate and hold chrome accents while hitting and sound doesn't go away. it comes from inside/behing the bumper. I can't figure out what it is. When you open the engine bay and try to look through from there its all closed up and i dont want to open it.

I noticed this when I was washing the car and i was wiping down there and taking a close look. It's kind of weird thing to do, but I wanted to see how sturdy it is so I started pushing the lower lips a bit and I could see some play so I was like OK of course its gonna have some play and then I thumped it under neat etc.. just checking how it sounds. I dont even know why I was doing this, but anyways i dont think it suppose to sound like this.

Did anyone else notie anything like this ?