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Hi Mackie,

I had a quick look at the price diff between the sedan, I have nvr really considered a touring before so some assumptions of mine could be abit off.
Seem like tourings are generally ~4k plus more than the base model. Lets use your 320i sedan and 320i touring. Generally loading options on a 320 vs options on a 328 are more expensive.

Bus Nav ~1k
M Sport ~5-6k
Side Blinds ~500
BT audio ~500
Alpine white = Free as its non metallic

If a base touring is 69k adding all of these components would make it roughly 77k so seems about right if u got a between 70-73 depending on how much u can squeeze.

Having said that, I know that most of us who got almost fully loaded 328 m sports for between 87-90k.

So if a base 328 is 72k a touring would be say what 76k..
Add on m sport pack ~5-6k,bringing it to early 82k lets say..before any price negotiation. Personally I got like 7k~ off my build. So you'll be paying abit extra for a better engine with more loaded options as it seems you are not too fussed about the extra stuff.

Hope this helps

P/S- they will be earning quite a fair bit off you when you do full circle. I got the finance manager to calculate the difference in payment for me. I suggest you do the same for a more informed decision. If you're going full circle do try hard to push for 4 year service free, you're paying for it in terms of interest anyway.

Originally Posted by mackie777 View Post
Hi Guys,
1st time poster here, have enjoyed reading the forum so far.

Im after a little help.
Looking at a 320i Touring Alpine white lands here end of month
It comes with, Bus Nav, M Sport,Side Blinds, and BT audio.
Dealer saying best can do is 73k, or 1214/m on a 4year/full circle.
I know its a new car so im guessing my buying power isnt too strong.

My dilemma is that for near the same price i could get 328i touring w/sport
but have been told not ready for production now till May so that means July/August delivery.

Driving an Audi 1.8t avant, that has been nothing but trouble and is 3 years in April, and cant wait to get rid of it

What are your guys thoughts ? wait for the 328i or jump into the 320i, which will be a massive improvement anyway of my audi or my wifes my10 320i
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