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Originally Posted by rpagianotto View Post
This is way I think:

f30 - sports sedan/compact executive/benchmark, right?
f31 - for people that need more practicality but don't want to compromise the driving experience
x3 (f25) - for people that want ever more practicality, even if it costs them some of the driving experience.

so the f34 would be yet another step between the f31 and the x3. That's the niche of the niche.

This is just my personal opinion, but i'd rather have bmw spend the development costs for the f34 in improving their electric steering system across the entire range instead.
Yes, niche of a niche, but that's the flexibility (beauty?) of the F3x platform architecture. Not much more developmental cost required to expand the model line.

By the way.. with VSS/Adaptive M suspension, the steering and car control is quite nice.

Originally Posted by Mako View Post
My wife and I saw a 5 GT last night and she said "What the F$ck is that", I have seen 2 of them around Chicago since they came out. 3 GT looks a little better but still, WHY?

If you want the leg room, get a 5 series! The 3GT is basically a 5 wagon with less cargo space, right? is there really a market for that? maybe around the world but not in the US, don't bring this crap here, bring the M Performance cars here.
The 5 series drives like a boat. Certainly the 3GT will handle better and feel more nimble.
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