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Originally Posted by ZaheerUK View Post
Wow thanks for the response guys! Some really interesting comments. I take your point about car will be running cold mostly during 4 miles trips so mpg will be poor. But I wasn't really expecting the quoted 52 mpg's, but was expecting at least low 40's. Surely reald world figures can't be that far away? Secondly my car has only done about 3900 miles. Upon reading comments I have been driving in Comfort mode for the last two days. Mpg has dropped from 30 to 24. Can this be right? does the car need an oil change? Thanks again guys. Will continue to experiment with the driving modes!
Why do you think the engine needs an oil change? There should be no link at your mileage to mpg.

Real world mpg is all over the place, compared to official figures. Typically the more we see in EU test cycles, the greater the mpg shortfall. ECO models are usually the worst, as most folks still drive normally and therefore eat away at the eco credentials of light and easy driving, which the cars are really tuned for.

I still see your short trips as being one of the worst for diesel mpg. As the ambient temperature drops it gets even worse.