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OK, maybe its just me but I'm not following the marketing logic here.
5GT flops big-time in US. Now lets bring a slightly smaller and lower price-point version of the same design to the US and see if they like that instead! Huh?

OK so its a little "taller" then a 3 sedan (easier entry), has the truck lid of an X6, some capacity of the 3 wagon, but its a 5GT. The design is interesting, but if the 5GT was any indication, time for a different "mash-up" design here. I do like the M-Sport wheels, the retractable spoiler, and well, that's about it.
BMWAG: instead of this please spend your design/production money on bringing out the M8!

I love our "new" BMW Designers (post Bangle), but this design isn't working for me. In the mean time I want my F31 wagon please; went to a dealer in Sweden over the holidays and I want to buy NOW here in the US!
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