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Originally Posted by Dgrohl View Post
well..I've done checks on the guys dealership. Seems legit. Issue is, the dealership is at least 2 hours away. I'm not wiling to go all the way there. Asked for cash, also to be verified at my bank (ensure it's not counterfeit). Seems legit b/c he originally was going to send a driver to pickup the car with a cheque and now that I've asked for cash, he's coming himself.

Who knew selling a car privately would be such a pain in the ass? lol
It's much more of a pain to sell via third party.

I personally think you're nuts for requesting/expecting cash. Talk about a safety risk! A bank check is going to be just as good... you can call the bank before you hand over the car and verify funding. If it bounces, you just report it as a stolen car Only half-joking, no way any respectable dealership would risk that kind of situation.
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