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I also have it on my car and, as others have said, it's truly amazing. Compared to the xenons in non-adaptive mode (already impressive), you find there is always a lot of light just where you need it.

What you see happening on dual carriageways and motorways at night is a bit disconcerting at first, as you'll see your high-beam indicator on and road signs light up like beacons, but you soon start to notice the subtlety of what's going on.

The system puts light in more places at once than you'd think possible (e.g. road sign on hard shoulder, comprehensively on the road in front of and to the side of you, and along edge of central reservation), given there are just two steered light units and. More importantly, it does a superb job 99% of the time of working out exactly where that light needs to be to give you maximum visibility and security. It has an uncanny back of finding the kerb or verge and lights it up from near field to a couple of hundred metres ahead.

I've not been flashed yet or felt the need to override and dip from main beam. The only small complaint is that the system is occasionally a little slow to flip from low beam to high when coming out of a street-lit village, but this is down to no more than a second or so.

This is a must-have option for me now. All the more valuable when the years catch up with you and your night vision looses a bit of its edge :-)