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Originally Posted by Alpine F31 View Post
Right and right!

I had the exhaust installed yesterday (didn't do it myself, $70 at the local muffler shop) and overall I'm very happy with it. As dd1981 said, it's NOT lighter but I love the way it sounds! It's deeper but not raspy. I can hear it now inside the car but it doesn't "drone". The best part (obviously) is when I get on it hard and click off full throttle up shifts........YES! It sounds awesome...every shift delivers a race car like snort between gears and downshifts sound even better. Someone said this exhaust is "a lot of money for some noise" but for me, it was money well spent. The stock car was just tooooooooo quiet.
Hey Alpine,

I met you at that Mod Bargains meet. I was admiring your car as you parked. I finally did my ED and got my EBII F30 a week ago. I slapped on new wheels and tires at Mod Bargains last Sat.

I got the M-Performance exhaust, as well. I have about 800 miles on it and the sounds is only now coming in. And only really noticeable in Sport+. I'm still breaking the engine in and not rev'ing past 4000.
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