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Originally Posted by Id View Post
I thought he was doing me a good deal. We have a pre-existing professional relationship and he said he would look after me. Just wanted to check. I thought his offer of 76k was pretty good.

It will be a country/highway mile eater, with some fun driving every now and again. Any most have options that I have missed?
I think the other aspect apart from his relationship with you is that, in my opinion, it is harder to move the 320d/i compared to the 328i.

Leather, business nav, anti-dazzle/folding mirrors, HiFi sound and lumbar control - all these things are standard on the 328i but not the 320d/i and the price difference is only 6k. So it would be logical that any BMW dealer would be willing to provide a bigger discount to the 320i/d.

Another thing to consider is that generally options are not worth much on trade-in (a fricking salesman said that to my face , like 5 minutes after he suggested a few options on the new car. I choked on the irony). A lower spec car with more options will not retain its value as well as a higher spec car with less options even if when new the prices were the same. But I can see why you want a diesel.

Does the M-Sport package come with lowered suspension? If you care about handling don't leave your car with stock suspension. Sport suspension at minimum and M-adaptive all the better going by what people are saying.