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I plead the 5th.
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Originally Posted by chriskd View Post
+1 for hardwiring the 9500ix
Nice mounting location! This is exactly where I put my 9500 in my last car. Do you have any issues with the suction cups losing grip? I ended up purchasing a large single piece clamp style suction cup mount as my detector kept coming lose. Now my mount is not so subtle anymore

Originally Posted by ric124 View Post

I also went with the 9500ix the range is similar to the V1 but the 9500ix has a built in GPS so it learns your regular routes and do not go off for all those gas stations and stores. I prefer to only hear the detector when its really a cop. So if my detector goes off anytime in my area or on my way to work then I know its a cop.
I agree. The GPS is a large reason many like the 9500ix, myself included.

I think the general consensus is the V1 may be a bit better for highway driving while the 9500ix is more ideal for city driving. I'm happy with the performance of my 9500, though I'm confident a V1 would be fine for me as well.