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Originally Posted by Dgrohl View Post
Here's the issue with cash vs. certified bank cheque/draft/etc...

Cash: you have to worry about counterfeit bills and this is not a small sum of money. I'd rather the bank check for fakes on the spot and then deposit straight to my account.

Cheque/Draft: Banks require a 5 day hold on anything up here. Then, I asked if they could verify if the cheque is legit (not faked) on the spot. Only way to do this is to go to the issuing branch...which is 2 hours away so it's not gonna happen.

He actually offered cash first...I said a draft would be ok thinking I could verify it. When i figured out I couldn't I told him cash. We'll see if he comes through. If he's a legit dealer, it shouldn't pose a problem at all.

And I totally agree - selling to a third party (regular person) is a bigger pain. I had one guy ask a trillion questions which I answered very nicely. Then he tells me he's on vacation and won't be back for a few weeks. I don't get ppl sometimes.
Cant be too careful but its a FELONY to pass counterfeit dough.