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Originally Posted by bcl0328 View Post
dumb question, why do you guys use them? $500 seems like a lot of money to spend on something when you could just slow down or look for cops/traps. i have never gotten one ticket in all my years of driving.
Why do you think they call it a trap? A cop can hide any place - and by the time you see them hiding, if they have a Lidar/Radar gun and you're pinned, you've got a ticket.

So yes, you can drive slow all the time, or any time you don't have a complete open view of the road, but keep in mind America doesn't all look the same. A long stretch of open highway is much different than some of the twisty, turning, hilly, tree ridden environments that are perfect for cops to hide with no way for you to know until you blow past them.

You may view it as expensive - but think of it this way.

A traffic ticket + the resulting insurance hike is usually much more than $500. Especially if you decide to pay a lawyer to tackle it for you since in some states you'll also get hit with reckless driving.

If that radar detector/laser jammer saves you even once, you've automatically paid off your investment. And for the most part they'll be useful for years to come.

My V1 has saved me countless times, and my jammers at least 2x. In fact I haven't installed jammers on the BMW, and I'm mildly nervous since the Long Island Expressway recently switched back to the LIDAR bandits of the Suffolk County PD.
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