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Originally Posted by DarkTrigger View Post
Come to Cali, I bet you'll get one within 15 minutes. They have many tricks these days.

1) They can turn off their radar and just sneak up behind you in the patrol car.
2) Many are switching to LIDAR which makes a radar detector obsolete (i.e. norcal).
3) They have a cop hiding with the radar, shoot it briefly so you think it's just a misfire, then call it in to officers on the road
4) Most cops just eyeball it now (which is perfectly legal if you're going 15 mpg over the speed limit) and don't even use a gun because of the radar detectors.

Just to name a few, since the downturn in the economy they are trying to make more revenue by pulling people over for stupid crap. Why bother with a detector anymore... For Cali, just keep an eye out, don't go faster than the fastest car out there, a tip from a retired CHP officer.
+1 My last speeding ticket was 1993, LAPD motor cop with radar. You just need to have situational awareness.
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