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Originally Posted by letsavit View Post
That can't be right, I was getting near 40mpg driving from east London to Westminster everyday. The home journey involved me queuing down the embankment for 40min to do 3miles.
The problem is, we really can't compare driving styles and conditions. There are so many variables. I recall one of the tuning companies having a customer with a 335d running in inner London, his car was reporting sub 10mpg as normal running. Nothing wrong, just the congestion and time spent running on idle.

The only realistic comparison test, is to get out on open motorway in still conditions, and see what a car returns at steady speeds, say 70mph. If it is in the average mpg range for the model, we can be more confident that there is nothing wrong with the engine and fuel consumption.

I recall one trip in my 330d (which average was 37mpg long term), going into Bath for the day with several places to visit. The trip in and back was 18 miles each way, plus very heavy congestion while moving about Bath, due to roadworks in the centre of Bath. I returned with less than 20mpg on the OBC, and that was with 36 miles of reasonable running. Whatever was the consumption in Bath itself? I guess it was not much more than 5mpg.