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Originally Posted by ssedha View Post
My last day will be July 22nd in Europe and I'm flying into/out of LHR. If my dealer would have to work his ass off, then I'm pretty sure he won't be giving me a deal. I'm very simple when it comes to bimmers, a 335'esque engine with M-sport and black leatherette. I care about the driveability. Luxury wise, EVERYTHING is considered a bonus for me

Let's see though, I might be able to convince my family to do another trip in September for Labor Day weekend
forget about his hard work, if youre trying to get a deal on 1 of the first production 4 series made, you are dreaming. Those will probably be MSRP or over and the programs will stinkkkkkkk
Originally Posted by MWM1166
Long story short. He was a huge black male. Probably 6'2" or taller and 250 lbs. He was angry as hell, and I am a tiny 5'4 white male. So, I did the only thing I could, I threw my car into reverse and no one was behind me, and I drove thru the red light as I went around him.