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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Screen resolution is the same as before, 1280x480. Graphics and lettering is very legible however. You really don't need more resolution at this distance, in my experience.
But if you waited for a December build you would have gotten the new 4K resolution LCD.

Kidding, for others wondering if this is true!

Yes, definitely. No guidance needs to be in effect. I can look on the map, see the road I'm on is Red and see the little icon for two cars crashed. There is an option for Display Traffic List (or something) and the map goes away to a list describing the incident, with a mini-view of the accident area on the right.

How does it work with CIC? I had this on my E92, but I don't recall the specifics.
Same, if I have the Map up on LCD. I'd like to be in other mode (Radio, etc.) and have traffic alerts pop up on right pane. That I haven't seen happen...yet. You?

Just yesterday I was on highway and it suddenly came to a crawl. No Nav warning, but when I clicked Nav button and got map up there it was plain as day on LCD. Argh!

Wish that right pane would pop up a tip telling me to check traffic. Maybe NBT does that?