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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
So you click back and forth between maps and music sources while driving but always revert back to maps? I just hop in, drive and enjoy tunes. Maps are used when I go somewhere unfamiliar (only once or twice in last couple months).

I know I can have maps and/or music in right pane on LCD. Not sure how I can control it when its in the right pane. Maybe HUD? I guess I need to play more.
I keep maps up because my extended display is Entertainment Info. So when I'm listening to Media, I have duplicated screen art right/left and it kinda drives me nutty. I can change tracks via the HUD of course but if I'm changing albums or sources I'll briefly get out of maps/Nav into Media/ConnectedDrive.

Originally Posted by DJHakim View Post
This is related to an issue with CIC that I'd hoped would be addressed by now. With CIC, if you are navigating, but on another screen (like music or phone), or even just in non-split map mode, and nav voice is off, a navigation alert (upcoming turn, etc) would not appear. I missed a turn several times while on a phone call before I learned to change to nav screen directly after starting a phone call.

Basically, it was (is) not possible to get pop-up nav alerts without "arrow display".
I'd have to double-check to make sure, but regardless of what is displayed on the iDrive, the HUD will still show you navigation alerts like upcoming turn.
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