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I ordered some Optimum No Rinse for myself for Christmas and used it twice and have decided to go back to just use the regular water wash with Meguiars Gold Class car wash. I found that the amount of time and effort required to spray down, soak, and wipe off the ONR was just too much compared to using a hose and regular car wash. With the ONR it took about 40 minutes and with the regular water wash it takes about 30 minutes.

Also if the car is really dirty if you are going to rinse it off before you use the ONR you are half way through the amount of work required to do a regular water wash anyways. I also found with the ONR that unless I really soaked my black car down there would be some spots of residual hazing. Keep in mind I am in Vancouver and it rarely gets below freezing so if I was in Toronto or Edmonton I would think using the ONR would be a greater advantage.....

One last thing, I ordered 2 grit guards for a 2 bucket wash system with the ONR. These are a must have for any kind of car wash product to help prevent scratching your paint job.....

Anyone from Vancouver that wants a nearly full 32oz bottle of ONR for cheap let me know........

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