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Originally Posted by DXL XLR8 View Post
Sorry, I am a total nube when it comes to rims and tires. I wanted to upgrade my stock rims to either 19 or preferably 20 inches and wish to buy them online, but don't know what the correct size is. If you could point me in the right direction that would be great ^___^
There is no correct size. The eternal discussion here is will it rub. First, you have to decide if you want 19" or 20". That's a matter of preference. I feel 20" are too big for my taste. Others definitely make the 20's work and they look awesome. But, I chose 19"s for me.

My set up is M5 Replica rims F19"x8.5" offset 35 tires 245/35/19 // R19"x9.5" offset 38 tires 275/30/19 Michelin Pilot Super Sports with the M-Performance Brakes front and rear (Yellow calipers). For me, I like an open rim so I can see my rotors, calipers, and the barrel of my rims. To me brakes and wheels go hand-in-hand. And I must concave wheels, too.

Total cost (I kinda forgot the exact price) Rims $800 + Tires $1300 + Brakes/"Drilled"-Slotted Rotors $2300 = Subtotal $4400 - $1500 selling my 18" 400M with Continental Runflats = Total $2900.

But honest, some guys here drop $5000+ on a set of DDG HRE's and another $1000 on Hankooks. You gotta think about your budget. Surf the photo forum and see whose set-up you like and PM them with questions. Most people are totally helpful and will answer your questions. Without the help I received here, I know I'd not be as happy with my set-up.

The above is my thought process. I had them installed last Saturday. Here are some pictures.
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