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Originally Posted by JSAvonwussow
I apologize if this topic has been hashed out...but any help would be appreciated. I am the proud owner of a 335i convertible 2013. No problems whatsoever with BMW apps and connecting with my lightening cable. The problem is that my car will NOT transfer ANY of my contacts through bluetooth. Phone pairs fine, wheel spins, then "no entries" shows up. BMW tech's iphone5's worked fine. So I took it to Apple, got a new phone, it worked for about 3 weeks and now IT'S not transferring either. I hate it. Thanks for letting me vent. Has anybody experienced this? Have a fix? Help...please....
Here is the solution my friend. I had no problems from the get go until I started using emojis on my iPhone 5. The BMW software does not recognize emojis and freezes data transfer once it hits the first contact with an emoji. Just delete all emoji from you contact list. Reconnect to Bluetooth and you should be good to go. Found this on the E90 forums.