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I was going to start a new thread on this topic. F30AM, you'll want to shoot me, but I ordered the VSS, even though I couldn't get a clear picture of what it did to the drive.

When test driving various F30s and F31s, I drove three cars, both with and without adaptive and ran all of them in Sport. In all three, while I appreciated the precision of the steering, the feel was much too light for my taste, and there was little sense of it weighting up as you pushed harder into a bend at speed.

VSS doesn't have much positive impact in Comfort mode, simply feeling a bit sharper than standard. But, but ... in Sport mode, the difference is dramatic. There is serious weight if you push into a bend at and you get a real sense of the wheel tugging firmly but smoothly at your hands in the bend - really great feel that puts you far more in touch with the car and what it's doing.

Forget all the techie stuff about steering ratios increasing after 90 degrees of lock - that could well be true, but it means nothing to my hands, feet and bum. What VSS does in sport mode (only in Sport) is give the steering oodles of feel and feedback, with seriously chunky but realistic weight. For keen drivers, it's a world apart from the standard steering. For me, it transforms the experience in Sport (chassis and drivetrain) from good to fantastic and I have to fight off the urge to yob it around dark A roads all night and blow my mileage budget on the lease (already 50% ahead of planned mileage due to succumbing to exactly this urge).

Sorry to bring bad news, but do feel free to push dogturds through my letter box for the next few weeks if that cheers you up. I'd do the same.

Anyway, the good news is that you know what to spec on the 440d when you switch cars ... :-)