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Originally Posted by F30AM View Post
Thank you for your thorough write up. Most interesting and most informative. Damn and blast, I wish I had specc'd it rather than BAD DAB.

None of the Car Mags talked much about VSS or explained the feeling one gets with it.

I wonder how many members have VSS. I now really wish I had.
I think it is a very similar debate to the adaptive sport suspension. Some can't sense much difference and it is talked down, as if it is only a parking aid, and therefore unnecessary (or a BMW rip-off). Personally I can't see BMW calling the upgrade 'sport steering' without it being a measured improvement over the basic system. Following is the sort of comments I've read and logged for the VSS.

The variable sports steering trims the Servotronic’s 2.7 turns lock-to-lock down to a more wieldy 2.2 turns. Steering feedback is comparable to that of the outgoing 3-series, in spite of the noticeable reduction in effort. The new steering system’s quicker ratios compensate nicely for the loss of response that—at least theoretically—accompanies any wheelbase increase.
My reading, standard F30/31 steering viewed as 'lacking', compared to E9* steering, VSS gets it back to near E9* performance.