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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
Shows the difference in other markets. Over here in the UK the smaller powered BMWs sell in far bigger numbers than the bigger engine models.

We are even getting the smaller output 2.0i engine as a 520i in the F10 5-series. Will make a change to all the 520d 5-series.

How about a 316i? Just a humble 1.6 litre with 136hp, in the F30. That is on our specification list over here.


Yes, the markets are definitely different. To some extent BMW is a victim of its own success in the US Market. Meaning, Americans associate BMW with high end luxury as opposed to what we would refer to as reliable transportation.

The 6 cylinder 3 series is iconic in the United States and has always been known as BMW's respected entry level model. Perhaps Americans have become more used to 4 bangers and won't care as much as they used to about displacement. Afterall, we never really had to consider fuel costs the way the UK and Europe traditionally have.