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A few more fun pics... and some quick feedback on the experience:

Driving modes: I really appreciate the four cars in one (ECO, Comfort, Sport, Sport+). I'm not doing much with sport until I'm past the break-in period.

Sport Auto: The quick shifts with the paddles are pretty amazing. Coming from my e46 they are crazy fast.

The Tech: I did not get the Nav or HUD. This is my first iDrive and it isn't nearly as bad as I expected (based on the long history of negative reviews). The hardest part to get used to is the radio. Seems overly complex to just scan and choose a station. Why can't I just press one button to forward through presets (or can I and I haven't figured it out)?

The Power: Truly a joy to wield this much power (coming from a 325i). Effortless. In Sport mode expectially, tap the gas just the slightest bit, and it just GOES.

Brakes: I expect some improvement here over time, but out of the gate it feels like I have to make a lot more effort pushing down on the brake pedal to get a good response. I'm rolling further into stops than I expect.

Engine/Exhaust Sound: Sounds good, just not loud enough below 4k RPM.

Wind Noise: Noticeable at highway speeds but not enough to take it to dealer as an issue.

Interior: LOVE my combo... black leather with red stitching, black highlight, brush aluminum trim. Classy and sporty. Wouldn't change a thing.

Steering Wheel: Feels great when my hands are on the "10 and 2" lumps. This has forced me to drive more with my hands in the "right" steering position. People rave about the M-Sport wheel but I'm very happy.

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