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Originally Posted by derekh929 View Post
Find this the same on my R56 Cooper S sport setting throttle response great but steering to stiff and numb
Yeah, that is what happens when you listen to idiot customers.

When power assisted steering (hydraulic) was first introduced, people complained because the 'feel' of what the wheels were doing was watered down. It quickly became accepted that 'easy' assistance made this worse, so sports orientated manufacturers like BMW reduced the amount of assistance. This was described as being 'stiffer' (less assistance = more sporty feel).

We now live in a world of electric servo power assist, which works completely differently to hydraulic.
In the world of electric, over assist actually gives the better 'feel'. The mechanics mean it is more fluid and sensitive in this state. Stiffening EPAS gives a very wooden, feel.

Yet traditional 'stiff is best' boulevard racers, want harder steering (stiffer) movement, regardless of feel. They don't even know what 'feel' means in many cases. Sadly BMW have listened to the clueless masses that never even go round corners or over 55mph.