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Originally Posted by Mctijn View Post
Maybe world-wide regulations about co2 emission?

The 320i takes you a bit less quick from 0-60 than the 328i, but with remaining all other plusses of a BMW (handling, steering etc. etc.). You can decide if you want to pay $8k more to be a better traffic light racer. I don't see any problems

If you need speed and get tears in your eyes from the sound of a 6 cyl, you can buy the 335i.
CO2 output is regulated by the completeness of the burn during cylinder firing; it's a chemical process and not related to engine size.

You missed my point entirely. I don't trust the reliability of BMW's turbo engines. I currently own an E90 325i specifically for the reasons I stated, decent performance and high reliability with low maintenance costs. Like the post above, BMW COULD make a small in-line 6 cylinder with equal power and emissions of the 185 HP N20. BTW, it's not the "sound" of the in-line 6; it's the natural balance of the engine configuration (which is attributable to it's longevity). I'll kindly remind you that BMW's M20 2.5L in-line 6 of 25 years ago made 180 HP using archaic Bosch Motronic fuel injection and a solid-lifter valvetrain. Add direct injection, VANOS and Valvetronic, and 30 years advancement in engine controls; it should be a no-brainer.

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