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Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post
yet traditional 'stiff is best' boulevard racers, want harder steering (stiffer) movement, regardless of feel. They don't even know what 'feel' means in many cases. Sadly BMW have listened to the clueless masses that never even go round corners or over 55mph.
Hence the different viewpoints. We have guys on these and other forums who want to configure sport steering in Eco-Pro, and guys like yourself who want a normal setting with sport suspension.

I find for myself in the F11, that the normal mode setting is a better feel to the steering, allows for a finer control of the car. Being critical, I do tend to agree that sport mode stiffens the steering for no benefit in steering control. The added weight and heft needed to steer, means more movement is needed, or you feel you are understeering into bends.

Personally I feel some of the desire for steering weight is to overcome the stiffer ride folks like, partly absorbs the extra vibration and body movement in the car. It is then a damped steering feel, easier not to have over reactions. Plus from observation, I detect some drivers just don't have the ability to fine tune themselves to very light controls and finer movements.