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(F30) Official ESTORIL BLUE II F30 Photo Thread

Hey Guys. I'm finally posting some pics of new F30. It's been a long time process. I've been lurking here for what seems a half a year. Thanks for everyone who have answered my questions. Without this forum, I would not be this happy with my car and I would not had the knowledge to make informed decisions.

I ordered for ED delivery first week in November and look delivery Dec 5th. That was a nice day at The Welt. I'll post ED pictures later. The thing finally made it Port Hueneme, CA on 01/05. It wasn't until Jan 29th that I . . . finally . . . got my hands on it at the dealership.

These two pics were taken on the Sunday before customer delivery.

The next Saturday Mod Bargains slapped on my new M5 reps.

She's home. This is how I envisioned my car.

The next Friday afternoon, I bought all that Zaino stuff. You people that use it, know what I'm talking. I won't get into it, but I spend 7 hours Saturday applying 3 thin coats of Z-5 and 1 coat of Z-2. This BMW shit is hard work. But, the result are fantastic. A few late afternoon pics. My back is killing at this point!

Pic to see the rear tire fitment.

I know it's handicapped parking. It was valet'd and he put there. I'm on a little drive up the California coast.

Right about here my passenger thinks I'm a complete d-bag because I keep taking pictures of my BMW. I think I'm embarrassing her. I subsequently blame the forum. I owe it some pics because I've leeched info for so long.

Finally, a few last pics in the setting sun up in the mountains above Santa Barbara. Enjoy!