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Originally Posted by David328M-Sport View Post
I test drove an 8AT 328i in March 2012. Even compared to my 6AT E90 325i (true 2.5 litre engine, Euro spec - not the detuned 3 litre US spec engine) the 328i felt slow off the mark in Comfort setting.

The I6 hd/has an immediate head whipping effect on starting from rest. the T4's acceleration from rest during the test was very linear, however, the car was pretty much brand new and had only a few hundred kms on it. Still not run in at all.

In the 'DS' mode (shifter to the left) performance improved and of course in Sport it was terrific.

I am ecstatic to own a very nimble 328i, which is just starting feel more alive at 3,000kms. No need for a 335i where I live. Besides, BIG, BIG price jump between 328i & 335i where I live.
Here is where the earlier posters are coming their $2k price difference between comparably a equipted 335 and 328. The 335 is $6k+ more than the 328. Now the 335 also comes std. with a moonroof, hid lights, wood interior, and security. If you don't value these (and I don't) is a $6k difference in price. Gas mileage between the two is about equal. If you value might chose the lighter...better balanced proven at Laguna Seca. If you want more straight line power...and the std options...the 335 may be your choice.

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